Time as a Feminist Issue

Although this short piece by Assistant Prof. Erin Wunker published in Vitae is written from the perspective of an academic, it’s relevant to women in all arenas–at least those who must let others administer at least some of their time (and if there’s an industry that is free from such traditions, let us know!).  In addition to providing the great image of “time confetti,” Wunker raises the issue that time is specifically important for academics

given that critical thinking is inherent in what we do. Academic spaces are precisely designed as places where we think about systemic injustices, myopias, and imbalances — and then model equitable change. So why aren’t we?

This sentiment is über-relevant for designers of all stripes too, as they seek to correct injustices through their own work while, unfortunately, often being subject to the problems outlined in the article.  Read it here.

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